Civil Contractors Federation

Civil Contractors Federation - Mansfield Constructions

Mansfield Constructions membership of the Civil Contractors Federation requires strict adherence of a code of ethics. It is a condition of membership that we comply with the following objectives:

  • As a member, Mansfield Constructions will endeavour through honest and forthright dealings to secure, maintain and improve favourable trade relations with all public authorities, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of goods materials and / or services either within Australia or abroad.

  • We will at all times maintain and enhance the reputation for skill, integrity and responsibility of the members of the Federation and to ensure the highest standards of skill, integrity and responsibility expected of members of the Federation.

  • Mansfield Constructions will make all reasonable efforts to maintain and improve relations between members and their employees with a view to the avoidance of industrial unrest and strikes, and to take all such steps as may be considered desirable in the settlement of strikes and industrial disputation by their employees.

  • Mansfield Constructions will endeavour to secure amongst members all the advantages of unity of action in any lawful manner whatsoever.

  • Mansfield Constructions will recognize and behave in accordance with the Federation's code of ethical behaviour for contractors.

Quality Assurance

Quality Management is part of Mansfield Constructions commitment to a focus on fulfilling customers’ quality requirements together with applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement of our performance in pursuit of these objectives.